Shell Scripting Recipes Jun 2


The aim of this article to give you the smallest set of recipes for easily writing robust Bash a shell scripts.

This means there's going to be nothing that's "clever" - solid POSIX compliant like your dad used to code.

You'll need your...

10x Or 1x Mar 19

Sometimes you have a idea and it'll make a massive difference - a 10x force multiplier. Sometimes the idea is only small - a 1x multiplier. This isn't to say that 1x multipliers are bad - they'll typically take 1/10 the time of a 10x idea.

  • 1x ideas...

20% Thinking Mar 18

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Of course you have, the idea that 80% of the benefit comes from 20% of the work. But you get it back to front.

  • To work on the easy thing, not the valuable thing.
  • To work on the first idea, rather than evaluate...

Hopes and Expectations Mar 6

When thinking of what will happen with your new project or initiative you may find that you end up producing an excessively positive assessment of the outcome. We're human beings, and so we're often pre-disposed to wanting the best out of any situation...

Mental Models Mar 6

Over the years, I've found a number of mental models and rules of thumb to be really useful in focusing my thinking. In this series I'll share the ones that I've found most valuable:

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