Big news! I've been working hard getting Selenium WebDriver in Practice ready and it is now available to buy on the Manning Early Access Program. It provides practical and useful techniques you can use with WebDriver, to get the very best out of it in your projects.

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Developing With Docker - Using The Proxy Container Pattern To Make Development Easier Nov 28

I've been working with Docker a lot more recently. I've started to find some issue with it when working with several containers. One solution to the problem of accessing containers who exposing the same port is what I call a proxy container.

As I...

Practical Java Domain Specific Language Tutorial Sep 19

This tutorial will teach you how to create a Domain Special Language (DSL) for testing web pages. you'll be taking the canonical Selenium WebDriver hello world – searching using Google, and use it to write a DSL.

You'll need to be familiar with Java...

Sonarqube And Java 8 Sep 17

This article is some tips and help for setting up Java 8 projects for analysis on Sonarqube. My goal is to:

  • Have static analysis.
  • Have mutation coverage using Pi Test
  • Exclude Lombok and XJB generated classes.
  • Use Maven.

Firstly, it's important...

Spring Boot Performance Sep 5

This is an article on how to improve the performance of Spring Boot applications. I've recently been working on a new project. As we primarily use Java and Spring, we've been looking at Spring Boot. It's allowed us to get up and running quickly.

Testing Anti-Patterns Jun 23

My spare time has been super-busy writing my book, doing speeches, and going to conferences. Here are some slides I'm drafting for a future Meetup presentation I'm working on:

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