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10 Technologies git config --global credential.helper cacheI Love Aug 22

I love the Thoughtworks Tech Radar. It tells what I might be using in a few years. There's things I use now that make me love what I do, that make we go to meet-ups to talk about them, and makes me want to write a blog post on a Friday night.


Gatling for JMeter Refugees Jul 5

I've recently been looking at Gatling as an alternative to JMeter (something I've used a lot in the past) for load testing. I want to test at least 10,000 concurrent users, and I knew from using JMeter that I would need to use many more nodes than...

June Links Jun 7

Docker on Amazon AWS Apr 27

This is a short tutorial about getting Docker running on AWS Ubuntu. I've done this as I found that boot2docker was using a lot of memory and CPU on my laptop, and port forwarding is a pain. As I already have a free instance on Amazon AWS, I can use...

More Maven Plugin Tips Apr 26

I've been writing a couple more Maven plugins recently, including one to start/stop groups of Docker containers. I wanted to extend my previous tips with three new tips I've found really helpful.

Tip 7: Don't Do Any Work In Your Mojo Class

I've used...

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