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Testing Anti-Patterns Jun 23

My spare time has been super-busy writing my book, doing speeches, and going to conferences. Here are some slides I'm drafting for a future Meetup presentation I'm working on:

Migrating to CircleCI Apr 26


This weekend I've been migrating my builds to CircleCI from TravisCI.

In this post:

  • I'll tell you why I moved.
  • What I like about it.
  • What problems I had.

So, why would I do this?

  • CircleCI has Docker container support, which I really...

Docker Maven Plugin Presentation At Docker London Apr 9

git checkout https://github.com/alexec/slides.git
npm i
ln -sf docker-maven-plugin.html index.html
node plugin/notes-server

Press s for notes. ## Search in A Box


Polyglot Maven First Steps Mar 23


I read with keen interest about Polyglot Maven a few days ago. I'd first heard rumors two years ago, but I thought it was dead. I thought it was a shame, and so tried to created a project which would process pom.json files. But I ceased...

Visual Testing With Selenium WebDriver Feb 17


You want to do Visual Testing to make sure the same web site looks and acts the same in different browsers. However, a normal Selenium WebDriver unit test only uses a single browser, and you want to avoid copy and pasting the test with different...

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