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Search In A Box With Docker, Elastic Search, Spring Boot, and Selenium Jan 17


This tutorial will show you how to build a search service in a box. It'll have a graphical front end to search for some funny jokes (well, they made me laugh). Notably, you'll be able to build, test, and package it into a container with a...

Taking a Screeshot with Selenium Web Driver Dec 29


  • A test fails and you can't determine the reason it failed because the browser closes before you have a chance to see what happened.
  • A test fails on your CI server, but passes locally and you want more information to diagnose it.
  • A test...

A Reliable Push Button Release Pattern Nov 22

I've been working to streamline a release build process recently. I'd heard of the Git Flow pattern for release builds, but found it too heavy for my liking.

I've been using a simpler release process for several years that works well with both SVN...

Try-Fail-Catch-Assert JUnit Patttern Nov 15

There's a pattern I like to use when testing for exceptions in JUnit. I call it the "Try-Fail-Catch-Assert Pattern".

Why would I want to use this pattern when I can just use @Test(expected = "…")?

public class AppTest {

    private App app;


Java Annotation Processor Tutorial Nov 6

I've been using Project Lombok, the excellent Java tool that create value-object classes with minimal code. Under the hood it uses the Java Annotation Processor to generate code based on your source code before compilation. Annotation processing a...

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