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Docker Maven Plugin Apr 2

I've been beavering away for the last few days to create the missing Maven plugin for Docker. I'd previously created a plugin for VirtualBox that manages the creation of virtual machines. Based my ideas on that worked well there (configuration files...

Docker - Persistence Mar 15

I've already written about Docker. One big thing is that Docker containers do not persist their files, so if you're creating a database container, you probably want this. There is a pattern for this, generally called the data only container.


First steps with Docker Mar 9

Docker has been getting a lot of good press recently. It's a lightweight container environment running on Linux that is like a low-fat version of Vagrant. I thought it was time to try my hand.

Docker is different to Vagrant.

Vagrant Docker

Documenting XML APIs Tests Mar 1

I've recently been working on an XML API that is exposed to third-parties and wonder if there's a good way to keen the documentation up to date, other that an error-prone copy and paste exercise from unit tests.

There are two sets of information...

Selenium and Selenide (vs Geb) Feb 15

It my quest to find a good JVM system for writing Selenium test, I've previously posted on Geb, and liked it a lot, but there were one or two rough edges. I've found another framework: Selenide.

I've updated the source code to use Selenide rather...

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